A community where you and your home feel at home.

The.Club was founded to offer exceptional members exceptional opportunities. Everything we believe and do is for their benefit, and it is our goal to bend over forwards and backwards in offering the most valuable, unique travel experiences possible. We’ve grounded ourselves in the following core values to inform every decision and achieve superior levels of quality and service:

We Maintain Exclusive Membership

We ensure only those with shared values of respect and appreciation join The.Club. Our proprietary, invite- and referral-only policy affords us this opportunity, and its this cornerstone “Circle of Trust” that give members peace of mind each and every time they share their assets.

We Facilitate Reciprocity

We provide a unique platform for members to receive and offer unparalleled, “win-win” travel experiences. Whether its a unique property or once-in-a-lifetime experience, the endless exchange options are predictably bucket-list worthy.

We Ensure Trips of a Lifetime, Everytime

Our world-class amenities include five-star 24/7 concierge services, travel planning support, once-in-a-lifetime experiences/excursions and the most luxurious appointments. Members truly feel at home regardless of how far they travel and effortlessly abandon the stresses of everyday life to focus on what really matters: reconnecting with themselves and their loved ones.

The core values we share.

Members of The.Club understand that we don’t merely exchange luxury assets. We also share trust. No matter its monetary value, every exchange is an agreement to respect each other’s property — not only because membership is contingent upon adherence to a strict code of conduct, but because only applicants who wouldn’t think to treat one another’s property with anything but the utmost care are granted the opportunity to call themselves members of The.Club.