Offer. Explore. Experience More.

After joining The.Club, members immediately unlock access to unparalleled properties and travel experiences in the most desirable locations worldwide. Imagine the endless opportunities to:

Exchange: Members identify availability for each of their assets and earn points each time another member uses those assets. Members apply their points to book travel at other members’ properties around the world.

Explore: A dedicated planner works closely with each member to tailor a unique vacation experience that meets every traveler’s needs. Our team helps members identify available properties arranges all travel details including flights, excursions, shopping lists, private chefs and more. Members quickly find their travel options are endless and endlessly easy to arrange.

Experience: Our members savor the trip of a lifetime, everytime they travel with The.Club. Members effortlessly leave behind the stress of travel and everyday life thanks to our full-service travel planning team and Quintessentially, our 24/7 concierge team available in 60 languages and 11 countries. Our world-class amenities and services allow members to relax, indulge, take in the sites and reconnect with loved ones.

  1. Offer

    Rather than left it go to waste, offer its vacant time to The.Club, making your home available to other members during the weeks when you won’t use it.In return, you receive credits and an invitation to enjoy the vacation homes of members around the globe. The more desirable the weeks you contribute, the more experiences they alone make possible.
  2. Explore

    Explore the breadth of unbelievable member experiences in the most exclusive destinations on Earth — on the beach, in the country, above the city, or on an island far away.When you find one (or several) destinations you’d like to visit, your concierge will make your arrangements, leaving no experience to chance.
  3. Experience

    Experiencing more of the best of life is that simple.