The.Club is far more than a collection of luxury homes. We pride ourselves on selecting only trusted members—in fact, it’s our signature promise.

The only way to join The.Club is by invitation and/or existing member referral, and even then, owning a luxury property is not enough to guarantee membership. Applicants must pass a comprehensive vetting process ensuring they share The.Club’s values of respect, safety and reciprocity. This gives our existing members peace of mind knowing their world-class properties and assets will receive the utmost care.

Once a part of The.Club, our valued members receive world-class care and service far exceeding that of any hotel, home exchange or travel planning service. The world opens to members, as they explore travel opportunities that money cannot otherwise buy. And they enjoy all of this while making the most of their beloved vacation homes and assets. Our members’ safety and enjoyment are our top priorities, and we look forward to serving everyone who becomes a member.

Receiving a nomination from an existing member is the fastest way to join. Check your network to see who might be able to nominate you.

Each quarter The.Club President invites a limited number of individuals to join. To begin your application for invitation process, click here.